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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Card Creator

I crated the e-card with my own photo and my template. I used the Card Creator program.

You can find more information on rw-designer.com/make-cards . If you want different template, let me know via e-mail or leave comment here. If you create your own templates for Card Creator. You can share these templates with others. Send me the files on my e-mail and I will add them on the webpage. All important information and tutorial video, how to create own template, you can find here.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Problem with Nautical Cursor set

I have stared to create new cursor set. This set is inspired by  a sea, boats, etc. I tried to create basic arrow in 3D. But I had problem with other roles (work in background and help select). So, I decided to create cursors in 2D editor only. I have problem with cursor for work in background role again.

You can see one version of this cursor on picture below. I really like this design, but when I change the size to required 32x32 pixels, it is too complicated.

I must think up something else.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gold-Black cursor set

I created Gold-Black cursor last month. I wanted to create something different than usual. I usually create set inspired by games, series, etc. So, I found a image on the internet and used image as inspiration for cursor set. Emperor Penguin was on the picture. I used same picture for preview of this set.

For download visit my website or my profile on rw-designer.com.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Don't Starve cursor set

I played the Don't Starve game many times in the last month. So, I created a cursor set inspired by this game. And I have been using this set during the last two days ...

I created 2 normal cursors - Arrow in drawing style from game and arrow from Ham Bat. I used these cursors while playing the game and I think it's usable without a problem.


 Busy cursor is very popular. I uploaded 3 variant for this role on my web - a clock, a Creating World screen and a dancing Smallbird.

If you use this set for browsing on the internet, you will see the text and link cursors many times. I used the feather from Redbird for text cursor. In my opinion is it OK, but I am not satisfied with link cursor. I used the opening wormhole with teeth for this cursor.

 If you have any suggestions for cursors to this topic leave a comment on this page or send me an email.

For download visit my website or download cursor from rw-designer.com website.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Iron Man cursors

I started with creating new series of cursors last month. This cursor series is inspired by Avengers. 

First from this series is Iron Man cursor set. You can see it on the picture below. I used the Iron Man mask, arc-reactor and blue lighting. Cursors are in red-yellow style.

Iron Man cursors

For download visit my website: http://www.sireasgallery.com/cursorset/iron-man/

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to use my cursors?

In next few week I will add the preview to my cursor sets.

I usually get some message or comment with question, how tžo use my cursor. So, I had created the video-tutorial and in this video I show you, how to use my cursors on your computer.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My blog is changing

Up to now I posted here only about my icons. I will add the posts about my cursor sets too.

In this month I started with creating Avengers cursor sets. I have finished the Iron Man and Thor cursors. For more information visit Cursor gallery on my website.

 Except new post every Wednesday  as usual.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jim Parson

My last icon set included redrawn icon of actors from the Doctor who actors. I was thinking about improving my skill in redrawing photos. I tried to redraw the photo of Jim Parson. He is best known as Sheldon Cooper, the main character of the Big Bang theory series. You can see the result below.