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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Avengers icons

In the beginning of June I posted a video tutorial about Thor hammer icon. I forgot to add the post about Avengers icon set. So I am correting my mistake and adding the post now. The set includes some of Avenger hero symbols - Thor's Hammer, Captain America shield, Black Widow spider and Iron Man mask - and the symbol of SHIELD organization.
Avenger Icons

My favorite from this set is the Iron Man mask. This icon is most complicated too. I spend 2 days just thinking how to create it in 3D of RealWorld Icon editor. On the picture below you see parts from which is the mask composed. I used only rectangural surfaces.

Anyway, I hope, I will create the remaining symbols in the next months. To download, visit my website on address: http://www.sireasgallery.com/iconset/avengers/

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