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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Download my icons

How to find and download my icons from RW-designer.com web? It is very easy.

First step is to visit this address in your browser.

Welcome to my profile on Rw-designer.com

You can browse my art on this page, click on the link: Show all icon and cursor set.

and then on the page numbers to move to next page.
Select icon set and click on it. Go ahead and explore all of them.

Or you can click on the link under the each post on my blog. That takes you to the page of the icon set directly.

If you want to download my icons, you have three possibilities:
1. Browse individual icons and download them
2. Download individual icons
3. Download complete set

1. Browse individual icons and download them
Visit a page of an individual icon

and click on Download.

2. Download individual icons
Go to the page of an icon set and click Download in the same row as you see your preferred icon.

3. Download complete set
On a page of an icon set, click on set identifier under Download.

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